A Day Out or Something to Do

What to do on your day out

If you arrive before noon, then buy one of our Day Rover tickets, individually or for a family.  This allows unlimited travel on the train and vintage ‘bus when operating.

If you arrive after noon, then you are not likely to obtain best value from such a ticket unless the Orange, Blue or Pink timetables are operating.  If it’s after noon and the Green or Yellow timetables are operating, you would probably be best buying a Full Line Ticket.  This permits one complete return journey over the whole railway back to your point of origin; for example, Keighley to Oxenhope and return, or Haworth-Keighley-Haworth-Oxenhope-Haworth, or Haworth-Oxenhope-Haworth-Keighley-Haworth.

Whichever ticket you buy, you can break your journey anywhere, so we urge you to visit at least both museums at Ingrow. Entrance is free to holders of Day Rover tickets.

People differ in what they want from their day out but if you want a full day out on the Railway, consider buying a Day Rover and use it as much as you wish.  If you only want to do one return journey over the whole line, then you will not get value from a Rover, so buy a full line return.

In terms of people, what do they want from a ride on a train?

  • Some want just a train ride, in which case, join a train, stay with it until your ticket has expired.  If this is you, then buy a full line ticket covers one return journey over the whole line which will take about 90 minutes to complete.  You can alight at either end of the branch, Keighley and Oxenhope to see the locomotive run round the train, and perhaps get a brew from the buffet at Oxenhope or the tea bar at Keighley.
  • If you want a little more, perhaps a visit to a museum and/or another station, then consider going to Ingrow.  Besides the superbly rebuilt station, there are two museums both of a very high standard.  One is devoted to the steam locomotive and is known as the ‘Ingrow Loco’, the other to carriages, and is known as the Museum of Rail Travel.  It takes a little more than an hour to see both, so we suggest that you break your journey in one direction (it does not matter which) at Ingrow station, visit the museums and catch the next train heading in the direction that you want.  The train will be along about 90 minutes after you have left it.
  • Or you might want to see Oakworth, where the ‘Railway Children’ was filmed.  With a full line ticket, you can break your journey at Oakworth and catch the next train, which will be about 90 minutes later.  It does not take that long to see the station though, even if you are a Railway children fanatic (we get rather a lot!).  So if you want to make your whole visit by train, it is best to do so when one of the more intense timetables is on offer, such as the Blue, Yellow or Pink ones, otherwise you will have a wait once you have looked round the station.  Alternatively, you could walk to Haworth, which is only about a mile away.
  • If you wish, you can visit both Ingrow and Oakworth, but do bear in mind that if the timetable is the Orange, Green or Yellow one, you might have some time to wait for a train at Oakworth once you have seen the station
  • If you simply intend to stay on the train, then please feel free to do so, lots of people do nothing more than this and we welcome them.  But do consider leaving the train at Oxenhope (other than on the Yellow timetable, all trains wait at Oxenhope for about twenty minutes) and take a look round the Exhibition Shed.  This is huge, the largest covered space in the area, which we use for storing some of the less regularly used coaches and about five or six of the core fleet of steam locomotives which have been used for ten years but are now withdrawn, awaiting their turn for overhaul. A visit to the Exhibition will take about fifteen minutes.  But please do not expect a museum; it’s a shed full of stored locomotives and rolling stock some of which do see use from time to time, especially in the summer, so we can never say quite what is going to be in there.  It is an operational building which from time to time has to be closed if items are being shunted in or out, to which the public are admitted.  Although emphatically not a museum it is very interesting and it’s free!
  • Finally, if it is an Orange or a Blue timetable day when the Vintage bus link is running to and from Haworth Village, some people who arrive just asking for a train ride decide that they want to go to the village which is incredibly historic, famous and picturesque for its Bronte Connections.  There are lots of pubs, cafes and shops to mooch round, the Church of St. Michael & All Angels where the Brontes are buried, the eerie graveyard with 60,000 odd tombs and of course, the Parsonage where the famous family wrote the greatest works in English this side of Shakespeare.  Miss it or be square!
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