A Ride on a Train

You can buy single or return tickets, to or from any station (Keighley, Ingrow, Damems, Oakworth, Haworth and Oxenhope) in any combination which you wish.  If though you are just wanting a ride on a train, we would discourage you from buying short distance returns, such as Haworth to Oakworth or Haworth to Oxenhope.  These are only very short journeys due to which, they can disappoint.  They are deliberately priced highly to discourage their use, most people who buy tickets of this nature (and between all our other stations) are usually local residents using the Railway for genuine travel reasons who are either Members of the Preservation Society  or who hold a Local Residents Rail Card which both give very significant travel benefits.

Any of our timetables will give you a ride on a train, but if you particularly want a steam train ride, be careful to ensure that the train you are aiming for is a steam train.  As a guide:

  • 101-140526_AHThe Yellow Timetable is an all diesel service using vintage railcars and multiple units which operates on Wednesdays only in Spring and Autumn from 10.00 to 16.15.  It is provided because people kept arriving at Haworth and Oxenhope stations asking for trains, but not in enough numbers to justify a steam service.  It first ran in 2015 and has been successful beyond anyone’s dreams, often being almost full.  It allows an ideal introduction to the Railway for the first time visitor, who can have an excellent view of the line, chat to the staff, have coffee and a cake in the morning, visit the Ingrow museums and have lunch in the Oxenhope buffet.  The service is intense, with six trains a day, which means that passengers never have long to wait for a train, where-ever or when-ever they turn up.
  • The Pink timetable runs on off-peak Monday to Fridays in June, early July, early September and some school half term between 10.00 and 16.00.  It is the most basic steam service that the Railway provides, giving four return journeys a day, all steam hauled and all including a  buffet car which sells soft and alcoholic drinks including hand pulled ale from local real ale breweries.
  • 43924-170514-NHThe Orange timetable operates Mondays to Fridays during the Summer months between 10.00 and 17.30.  It is the same as the Pink service, but expanded to provide five return journeys a day which gives a service from each end of the line every 90 minutes from 10.00 to 17.00, plus a connecting vintage ‘bus service between Oxenhope and Haworth.  This includes a tour over the visually stunning Haworth Moor in the outward  direction and a direct return inward, which gives an equally exciting if less dramatic view of Haworth Village, the Railway and its trains in the bottom of the valley.  The ‘bus service is free of charge to holders of day rover tickets and makes a large number of journeys possible in addition to the train service which in effect, it doubles.  It also takes the strain from getting to Haworth village from the railway station, as it takes passengers there free of charge, connecting with the trains from Keighley as they arrive.
  • The Green Timetable runs on Saturdays for all the year, except when the service is doubled and the Blue Timetable is in operation.  The Green Timetable provides two vintage diesel trains in the morning but all trains after 11.30 are steam and convey a buffet car selling snacks, soft and alcoholic drinks including real ales. There is a train every 90 minutes from each end of the line, and one about every forty five minutes from intermediate stations.
  • The Blue Timetable runs on Sundays and some Saturday and Bank Holidays and provides the most intensive steam service possible, starting at 10.15.  If you are at either end of the line when this timetable is running, there is a train every forty five minutes from 9.00 until 17.00.  If you are anywhere else on the line, there is a train roughly every twenty five minutes from about 9.00 until about 17.00.  Most trains carry a buffet car which sells soft and alcoholic drinks, including hand pulled real ale, and snack and sweets.


    Some Blue Timetable Sundays in June, July and August are advertised as Vintage Train Days.  On these days, the train service is just the same as other Blue Timetable Sundays, but we use locomotives and rolling stock from our various museum collections at Ingrow and Oxenhope.  So far as is possible, we always try to ensure that there is an element of historical accuracy with these, trying to ensure that the coaches used have a common theme, often being from one railway company, or having had a similar use.  These trains do not carry a buffet car.  They are clearly marked on the timetable.
    On all Blue Timetable Sundays in July and August a vintage ‘bus tour is provided which links Haworth Railway Station with Haworth Village and the Bronte Parsonage, via the famous Haworth Moors and Oxenhope.  This service returns to Haworth on a direct route which gives a wonderful view of Haworth village, the Railway and its trains in the valley bottom.  In good weather it is usually operated by an open topped bus which provides unrivalled views and is entirely free of charge to holders of green day rover tickets.
    On certain Saturdays, the Blue Timetable operates providing the same intensity of trains as a Sunday but the steam services alternate with trains hauled by vintage main line diesel locomotive.  If you are at either end of the line when this timetable is running, there is a train every forty five minutes from 9.00 until 17.00.   If you are anywhere else on the line, there is a train roughly every twenty five minutes from about 9.00 until about 17.00.  Every second train is diesel hauled by a vintage main-line diesel locomotive and is clearly marked with a ‘D’.  All trains are made up of steam era coaches which are at least fifty years old. Each train is sponsored by a (different) local brewery and the buffet car sells hand pulled real ales from that brewery.

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If you would like to know which of our locomotives are due to operate or wish to see the extensive collection of locomotives the railway has in its collection, visit the KWVR website where you will find details of locomotives that will be working in the current week or forthcoming weekend and everything you need to know about our fleet.

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