If you are staying in Haworth or round about, Leeds, Bradford, York, Skipton, Settle, Lancaster, Carlisle and Manchester and most places in between can all be reached by rail and the KWVR can form a really interesting part of your travel, making the journey an adventure, as much as the destination.

To and from the main line

Use the KWVR to get to Keighley, change trains and travel further afield?  Choose any day when trains are running

  • catch a train that gets into Keighley before about 11.30.  At peak periods, there are always at least two of these, sometimes three such trains (just one on our weekday summer service)
  • change at Keighley to the main line and buy the ticket for your onward journey from the Booking Office in the main line station, or the machine situated in the booking hall. Reach this by leaving platform 4, walking up the ramp, turn right over the bridge, straight ahead onto the next bridge and turn left into the booking hall.  If you want a level route, use the ramp from platform 4 to the forecourt, turn right and first right again into the booking hall.
  • use platform 2 for trains to the north west or platform 1 for trains to the south, east and north east.
  • if you are going further afield use trains from either platform for Scotland, by changing at Carlisle, Leeds or York.

Ideas for a day out – via Keighley

  • Take the KWVR and Northern Rail services via Keighley to Leeds for lunch.  There are many high quality restaurants within very easy walking distance near to Leeds station.  Catch a train back up the Aire Valley with Northern to Keighley that arrives before 15.30 and you will be sure of a train up the Valley to Haworth and Oxenhope, that will have you back for 16.00 or thereabouts.  You can even have a drink in the bar on most trains to Haworth!
  • Take the KWVR and Northern Rail services via Keighley to York.  Book a return to York at Keighley, and change at Leeds.  There are at least two trains an hour from Keighley to Leeds and trains every few minutes from there to York.  You can easily have four hours in York, before returning to arrive in Keighley before 15.30 for the trip back up the valley.
  • Take the KWVR and Northern Rail services via Keighley to Skipton for a day out.  There are lots of really nice places to eat in Skipton which has a huge range of shops, the castle, the canal; it’s just a nice place to be. Or if you feel adventurous, catch a ‘bus from the station at Skipton and go to Grassington.  There’s a ‘bus every hour.  If you want to indulge yourself, get off at Hetton and walk a few yards to the fabulous Angel at Hetton for lunch.
  • Take the KWVR and Northern Rail services via Keighley to Settle, Kirkby Stephen, Appleby or Carlisle.  There’s a train every two hours each way.  Take your bike on the KWVR and Northern to Dent, Britain’s highest and most remote main-line station.  Use your bike for the spectacular five mile journey to Dent village and look forward to peddling back to catch a train home.

If you arrive back after the KWVR train, don’t despair a taxi back to your place of stay is not too expensive.

Ideas for a day out – in the other direction

Take any KWVR train to Oxenhope, leave the station and walk to the ‘bus stop on the right as you leave the station entrance.  Here you can catch the 500 service. ‘The Bronte Bus’, to Hebden Bridge.  It’s a spectacular run which ends at Hebden Bridge station.

  • Hebden Bridge itself is a superb Pennine town, transformed from its industrial past, to a honeypot for tourists to thsi part of Yorkshire
  • Further afield, buy your onward rail ticket from the Edwardian Booking Office, have a coffee in the memorable little café, before catching a train from platform 1 to Manchester for deep immersion in shopping.  There’s two trains an hour at least in either direction.  Mid-week, catch the 15.10 bus from Hebden Bridge to Oxenhope for the last train towards Haworth and Keighley, weekends the 16.10.

Ideas for a day out – go round in a circle

For the more adventurous, why not do a circular tour of north west Yorkshire?  From anywhere such as Hebden Bridge, Sowerby Bridge, Halifax, Bradford, or Leeds, Shipley, Saltaire, Bingley and Keighley you can do a train and ‘bus trip using the KWVR.

Buy a Metrocard from a bus or rail station and you can travel for free on all national bus and rail services in the county. All you have to pay extra for is a single from one end of the KWVR to the other to link up the 500 ‘bus service, the Calder Valley Train service and the Airedale line, to give a fascinating day’s round trip, with lots to see, do and eat on the way.

Coming to Haworth?

Ask your local booking office, anywhere in the UK, for a through ticket to “Oxenhope, KWVR” and you will get a return ticket that not only takes to you to Keighley and back, but one which is valid for unlimited travel that day on the KWVR and gives you a discount on the usual fare.


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